Get What You Want and Make Money at Home Online

Get What You Want and Make Money at Home Online

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We are all looking for the secrets to success. I would love to have a secret pill or phrase that I could use to avoid disagreements, destroy bad feelings, create goodwill and make people listen to my opportunity. Doesn’t that sound like a valuable to have in our money making home business?

Well here is that magic phrase;

“I don’t blame you for feeling as you do and I am sure if I were in your place then I would feel exactly the same way.”

The best thing is that you can use this phrase in home life and business life and use it with sincerity because it is true. Many of the people you come across in your life are looking for and have a hunger to receive sympathy. But instead of overflowing them with sympathy give them empathy and they will love you forever.

We will all come across hostile people within our daily money making home business happenings and within our family lives. Any fool can counter a hostile opponent with their own hostility and argument. But do we want to be just another one of those fools?

I don’t think so. You should always aim to be a leader and ahead of the pack to make money at home online. To turn hostility into friendliness is not hard, it just means changing a habit. Make it a challenge or a game to play with yourself.


Put yourself in the other persons shoes and you may well have been likely to react the same way. So empathize with the other. Apologize and empathize with their point of view and you will find that they then will start to understand your viewpoint. Magic, this is exactly what we are aiming for when looking to make money at home online!

You get the satisfaction of controlling your temper and composure and the gratification of returning kindness for disagreement. Children display this need for sympathy all the time. Think of the reason toddlers throw tantrums. It is to get sympathy and attention. Adults do this as common practice as well. Not tantrums though. We adults show our injuries, relate our accidents or misfortunes with the subconscious aim of receiving sympathy from others.

Self-pity is a universal phenomenon.

So to be successful and make money at home online then show sympathy and empathy towards the other persons ideas and feelings.



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